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August 25, 2010


Popular Symbolism

Interesting article. I'm curious as to whether this post was inspired by an article I wrote in early August.


Seeing as your blog talks about the RMA, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Metal Gear Solid's treatise of it. Clearly, the entire series is about the RMA - MGS2 references it directly, in MGS4 they refer to it indirectly ('battlefield revolution'). Old Snake in MGS4 even has one of these Force XXI visors - called SolidEye in the game.

Also try to read the MGS2 Grand Game Plan - this was a preliminary script draft - it shows some deleted parts of the Commander's Speech in MGS2 where Admiral Mike Boorda is referenced (which obviously ties into Arsenal Gear, being based on Arsenal Ship).


Actually never heard of your site before, but that's probably the most detailed article on MGS I've ever heard of.

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