November 22, 2007


Fabius Maximus

Great post! There is another element of FID. If the local regime needs foreign help, perhaps it suffers from weak legitimacy. If so, foreigners training their military might further weaken the regime, a symptom of its focus not on internal needs but on pleasing its foreign patron (think of Iraq & the oil law we're so strongly pushing).

Esp when our training is on methods of opppressing its own people, as has often been the case in Latin America.

FID is a two-edged sword, which must be carefully wielded, and only after considering if we should even be backing the threatened regime. Backing losers is not a good idea, even for a Superpower dreaming that it has unlimited wells of money and power.


Very much so. There are real limits to what we can accomplish, and it is incumbent upon us to recognize them when we can.


Excellent post.

The various CLCs and tribal "Awakenings" remind me, strategically, somewhat of the SF-Montagnard relationship during the Vietnam war. The "'yards" were great favorites of their SF handlers, but strategically they were a net drain --- they created some logistical issues for the NVA, but nothing serious, while at the same time bottling up SF personnel in remote border forts and, more seriously, fostering a sense of independence that led to several Montagnard revolts against RVN under both Diem and Thieu.


Interesting connection. One of the saddest thing about the Montagnards also the way they suffered (and continue to suffer) for helping us.


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