December 31, 2007



I cannot remeber when I read it but a great while back there was a story/article/report about scientists/engineers with western education (even teaching at western universities)giving on-line troubleshooting for terrorist cells to help them improve their explosive devices. I don't know if this was just suspected or if there were known indviduals doing this, but it caught my attention. I remember thinking how perfect a target that would be for a 5GW organization to co-opt as it offers an almost perfect vector for manipulation. That is the essential weakness of open-source information, it is only as good as the level of trust you have for it.


If you ever find that article, let me know.


It's distressing that governmental bureaucrats faced with an external challenge immediately leap to the idea of control and elimination rather than engaging the challenge in the forum of ideas and defeating it through debate, which is a great teaching tool.

It's great example of how people in government are so eager to create a gulf between them and the citizenry.



That's a very good point. I think the hardest thing about this new era of conflict is the importance placed on individual initiative, open debate, and open-source. Organizations based on a high degree of structural discipline and controls--such as the government and the military--have a hard time facing up to it. Naturally, their first instinct is to either control or neutralize the problem.


A.E., can't figure out the attraction of terrorist cells for these Muslim adolescents livin' in the West. What exactly are the reasons that lead 'em to "martyr" 'emselves? The BS 'bout "they hatin' our freedoms?"

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