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November 07, 2008



A.E. : TRANSPARENCY very lackin' in China. They've only started doin' somethin' 'bout that milkpowder business of late. Yep, just a paper tiger.


Only time will tell, eh?


Funny. The nomenclature regarding China's "threat" is based on it's success. I'd be designing contingencies based on it's failure. A failed China may well be a fragmented China. Have yet to read a consideration of what China might look like if it suffers an economic or political collapse.


Indeed, a weak China may be more of a threat to us than a strong one.


Maybe it's best for 'em to be under totalitarian rule till a later period ('nother 3 - 5 decades) when they've got a really EDUCATED & well off middle class majority. Least the present leadership appears strong.

Strong Leadership = Long - term Stability


I fear, however, that the Chinese people may not wait that long.

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