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January 20, 2009



I dunno... reducin' war to a # of principles. Seems too damn simplistic, then, this came from the pen of an ex - banker. Not a soldier like Herr von Clausewitz. Someone who was more interested in self - promotion than enquirin' 'bout the nature of war & makin' fundamental changes to the military academy of his homelund.

Evangelist indeed.

I remembered a French Emperor sayin' that in war, thunderbolts are sometimes more effective than cannons. So much for "iron, immutable rules".


Yeah, I see him as equal parts genius and huckster. His theories really have no validity--but it speaks miles that he was more influential than Clausewitz.

I think it goes without saying that we should resist the temptation towards reductionism in war--a temptation that Jomini greatly indulged.


"The New York Times' Thomas Friedman, who regales his readers with world-shattering revelations revealed to airport taxi drivers, is the master of this shallow genre."

NOW, that is funny. Thanks, A.E. Grateful that I've never touched most bestsellers (with the exception of Vom Kriege & Sun Tzu).


I don't know if you like Matt Tabibi or not, but he's been a pretty consistent critic of Friedman's writings.



A.E. : Seems like you ain't the only one who's got issues with him. --



Yeesh. Matt Tabibi really pwned him...I hope I never get on that guy's bad side haha.


This here's pretty good. --


Maybe this article of yours' a buildin' block of sorts?


good article


Sorry but the principle of mass has aged just fine. The concept is not so much grouping forces closley together as concentrating combat power on enemy weakness rather than his strength.

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