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April 23, 2009


david ronfeldt

you make significant points about this spreading mode of conflict. i particularly like your observation that the Zapatista movement demonstrates “the difficulty of netwar groups to sustain campaigns after the ‘culminating point’ has been reached.”

i didn’t know about the harvard conference until i saw your post. many thanks for reporting on it.

by now, i’ve looked at the post over there, and gotten fired up with a few of my own thoughts. i’ve also remembered that john arquilla and i wrote a postscript in 2007 about the zapatista netwar that wasn’t published in english. it still reads pretty well, partly because it makes some points about netwar and counternetwar that are similar to your own.

so, rather than clutter up your blog or the harvard blog with a long comment, i’ve gone and posted about this at my blog, and appended the postscript. if you want to take a browse, it’s at

and here i thought my next post would be an analysis of castro’s cuba from a timn perspective. once again i’ve put something aside and gone back to my old attraction to mexico. how unexpected.



Ah, I'll check that out.


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