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April 25, 2009



Of course, it wasn't just Obama that favored "civil rights for terrorists", it was legions of good men and women in the military and government, often holding expertise and experience in war and interrogation (in a manner Cheney and his lawyers could never appreciate), who most vigorously opposed such nonsense in the first place and often paid a steep professional and personal price for it.

I have tried to keep an open mind on this in spite of my overriding moral opposition to it, but the stupidity with which it was utilized and the reasons it was employed in the first place just overwhelm any potential rationale for its use at this point. The anger of professionals who interrogated terrorists with the methods that have worked for decades as they realize from these memos and other recent revelations about the cynical and pathological dishonesty involved in its deployment just clinches the deal.



Fully agree. The Army, Marines, Air Force, and CIA were all united in their opposition. I think Nance puts it best in his posts on the subject at SWJ.

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