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July 26, 2009



I thought Israel had admitted that they're nuclear armed? It's old news that they are, but a tear or two ago I thought they'd actually admitted it.

Which would make Iran the second nuclear armed nutcase in the middle east, not the first. Which is, as the Israelis so correctly point out, very likely to cause a war fought with nuclear weapons. Because, as the Israelis insist, no-one else can be allowed to have them, and they're willing to start a war to stop it.

This is exceptionalism at its worst (but Israel is based on exceptionalism). We can have X/do X, but no-one else can. Wrong.


I think the Kahn angle is particularly interesting. It is rather schizophrenic to refuse to contemplate a possible future of Iranians with nukes yet champion a military theorist who delighted in coming up with gruesome scenarios of nuclear war precisely because he wanted to explore the "unthinkable" for its own intellectual (and policy) merit. Perhaps this is the Israeli problem---wanting Kahn's hardheaded nature without his daring and introspection.

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