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August 05, 2009


Earl Mardle

Where is the news in all this? It is exactly Jared Diamond's foundation in Guns Germs and Steel.

Not just Geography but geology and ecology, both flora and fauna.

Australian Aboriginals have been criticised for not inventing the wheel (by an Aussie pol no less) but they did invent the wing and developed the remote attack helicopter for catching and killing both birds and land animals.

They called it a boomerang but who's quibbling about terminology?

As a New Zealander we have many huge advantages conferred by 1200 miles of sea barrier, temperate climate and plenty of volcanism, but our crucial lack of selenium configures a lot about our economy.



If you're referring to the Kaplan piece that I and Younghusband criticized, it is based mainly on 19th century theories of geopolitics.

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