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August 17, 2009



Excellent post!


As a follow-up, you mention that Old Media has been co-opting New Media -- which is a great observation; but the counter-move would be the New Media co-opting the Old Media. In other words, Old Media, in their effort to co-opt the New, keep a very close eye on what is happening in the New....


That's an interesting thought, but I haven't seen much of New Media trying to co-opt the old. Part of this is due to New Media's antagonistic pose towards Old Media. The new media figures who have made the move toward old (such as Ezra Klein at the Washington Post or Ross Douthat at the New York Times) have kind of faded into the background.


From the very beginning I thought the new media's self-back-patting was odd, since from the very beginning they always went to the Old Media for their source material, heavy on the quotation.

Old Media has a lot of resources which most New Media does not. Old Media is better able to find new sources; New Media is quite limited in that respect (typically.)


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Actually though, the old media at least had standards. You don't have as near as much of that in the New Media, despite claims to the contrary that they "police" the screw-ups in the Old Media. Palin's death panel meme on Facebook allowed her to post things even the WAPO editorial board wouldn't clear and her celebrity turned that post into a massive discussion that the Old Media gorged on for days in order to keep a controversy alive that drew viewers.

If you say that Palin made that Facebook post influential herself, not some average Joe, you would be right. However, if an average Joe had taped her speaking to that effect at a town hall or a dinner party, it would be all over Red State or HP in minutes attracting many bottom feeders reading and linking to it that then drew the attention of the MSM.

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