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November 09, 2009


Joseph Fouche

The leak of metaphors from cyber back into the Desert of the Real is well underway. Many are the times I hear terms like central processing unit, software, hardware, etc. used outside of the contexts that an engineer would use. Discussions of the human mind are especially rife with references to computing architecture even though the differences can be vast. If I hear one more person proclaim information wants to be free, I'm going to choke.


For lack of a better word, lulz

Curtis Gale Weeks

Joseph forgot to mention in his list: "Sysadmin".

I wonder if "network" should also be considered. The ideas behind it were being developed long before that word was used to describe the idea, however.


Some of these metaphors work, others don't. I hate, for example, the phrase "Information Wants to be Free"


"Information Wants to be Free."

Since when was it ever?


Good question.

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