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December 11, 2009


John P. Sullivan

Adam, Both of these are important pieces! I think you hit upon an important insight re Afghanistan. Lacking cohesive strategy, the operational echelon gains importance. Indeed, even if strategy is completely articulated operational art is critical. Good piece at oD! Chris adds to the discussion too! His argument complements our work on operational art. I strongly believe additional work on developing operational art for the military, COIN, and policing is essential to negotiating the current threat envelope. Good work! JPS

Fred Leland

Great article, gets to the importance of the fused and synergistic effect of operational art to link strategy and tactics. Strategy and tactics alone do not effectively deal with the asymmetric and rapidly changing adversaries we face today. It takes know-how and individual and small unit “doers” to meet these challenges and win at the moral, mental and physical dimensions of conflict.

This article helps in understanding the importance of this constant evolving link between strategy, tactics and operational art. It relates to law enforcement and security as well.


Thanks Fred and John!

I think I am going to expand a bit on some of the topics skimmed in this review on future oD articles.

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