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February 09, 2010


John P. Sullivan

Adam, You and Starbuck have a great piece here! I especially like your call for a strategic "whole of government" review to include "law enforcement" to sort out how to employ "operational design" in the curent and emerging environment. This aligns with my view that future operations will need to embrace DIME-P (Diplomatic, Intelligence, military, Economic, and Policing) capabilities. Keep it up! JPS


Every time I see "Lines of Operation", I think of the little stick figure AQI dude from the letter "E" portion of this slide show.

LOOs? WTF?!?!


Oh yeah, link here: http://www.oss.net/dynamaster/file_archive/070106/278da807df238f845a0cd93863d9fa27/OIFAlphabetpt1.ppt


Did Patriquin make that one too?


It actually wasn't Capt. Patriquin (but you're right, it has his style). It was done by a major who was on the 4th ID's staff.

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