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May 12, 2010


Joseph Fouceh

Judging from his response to me and other commentators, I've been led to wonder whether or not Finel was serious in making his "repetitive raiding" proposal or merely using it in an attempt to score a political point against a policy he disagrees with.

I believe the latter.

Mike Few

The article is a good overview; however, I would caution that none of our foreign policy tools have to be mutually exclusive. Preemptive FID and strategic raids go hand-in-hand with good diplomacy, economic sanctions, and supporting NGOs.

It's all about finding the proper fit and balance for how we (US) interact with others.

To quote COL Anderson's recent paper in SWJ, our promises and threats must be trustworthy and respected. All to often in our history, this is not the case.


Yeah, I agree - hence my inclusive view of all of the approaches being part of a grand strategic approach. Often times people write about policy options in isolation, trying to replace one with the other.


I just the Anderson essay. Very good!

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I have an article evaluating the concept of the strategic raid in the Spring edition of Defense Concepts. There's a good deal of interesting stuff as well in the rest of the quarterly issue as well, from close analyses of...

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