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June 06, 2010


Ed Beakley

Other than notation by John Sullivan, I very seldom find mention of (now admiral)William McRaven's book SPECOPS. I first read looking to better understand (not being either terrorist or SF)operations similar to terrorist small unit approaches in doing red-team research for a civ-military port incursion exercise.

The idea of "relative superiority" seems most ignored. I have discussed with Chet Richards in regard to idea of recovering from "negative OODA Loop" starts and written bits and pieces but can't quite get the time (or brains) to get my arms around. Thoughts? ([email protected])



Sent you an email - sorry I didn't get back to this sooner.

James Kiras

Adam, thanks so much for the kind review indeed. I do appreciate it. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs and chatting with you offline.

Ed, the concept of relative superiority is not forgotten so much as it implicit in most competent military planning and operations. It's tied intimately with the concept of schwerpunkt at the operational level of war. In ADM McRaven's book, it's tied exclusively to direct action missions (raids) at the level of tactics and execution. I'd be happy to discuss offline if you'd like.

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