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July 30, 2010


russ greene

Couldn't agree more.

Drug production hasn't decreased much in Colombia despite what almost everyone considers a Colombian government success and a massive decrease in the power of the FARC. Even if drug production decreased significantly in Colombia, it would just spill over to neighboring Andean countries.

russ greene

Also, it just occurred to me that you really have to separate the Colombian struggle into two different conflicts: the war with the mega cartels of the 80's and early 90's and the war with FARC that really intensified during Uribe's presidency. These were two different wars, fought in different ways.

If coca production really has decreased by a third since 2002 as the op ed states (I have seen contradictory statistics), it has been matched by an increase in Bolivia and Peru (along with the resurgence of Sendero Luminoso.)


That's a pretty incisive observation about the 80s-90s and FARC split.

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