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August 02, 2010



Drones have been used in some form or another since the 1920s (typically as aerial targets). In fact, a young Marilyn Monroe worked at a plant which built Firebee drones during the Second World War. (Her first big break was a picture in which she poses with the propellor of a Firebee drone).

Looking at the new Raven drone, it's virtually indistinguishable, aside from the camera, from most hobby airplanes.


It isn't the concept of drones that is the subject of new interest, it is the equipping of those drones with sophisticated sensor intelligence and other AI modules. There is a BIG difference.



That's pretty interesting, I need to brush up my PW Singer.


I agree, but thought people might not know about unmanned platforms. Sensors and AI is really the next frontier.


Crap, meant "unmanned platforms in general."

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