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August 14, 2010



Other problems this may run into are costs, and corruption. The US military and political leaders in Washington, during the last decade, pushed for the privatization of specific functions away from the military. In time, not only did private contractors cost more, especially in terms of private security, but they also eroded the transparency and accountability these actors had in a war zone. Moreover, contractors also poached not only our armed forces, but also those of third nations for talent, which because it cost more, in the long run, became a net negative investment for our government. A primary example of this would be Blackwater/Xe.

Stateside, in Arizona, the issue has come up recently as well. Various politicians, from the governor, to State Senator Pierce pushed for a tough immigration law that would create thousands of federal inmates in the form of suspected illegal immigrants. Inmates, who would be housed in privately owned prisons, owned by corporations that not only donated heavily to both of these individuals, but also, had deep connections to their staff. In Gov. Brewer's case, two of her staff members are either former lobbyists for these firms, or have spouses and/or businesses which lobby for them. In short, corruption, in how contracts are apportioned and why, will also has to be dealt with.


History of the Pinkertons is food for thought.

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