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August 06, 2010



"It goes without saying that nowhere is logistics at any point considered beyond the strategic problem of resources for protracted war."

While I enjoyed your article and found it very well-written, I must point out that this is a glaring inaccuracy. There is absolutely no mention of Minovsky particles in this piece, which precipitated the mobile suit's prevalence in the One Year War.


While I agree that this should have been addressed in the technology area (about line of sight battles), Minovsky particles are not an issue of logistics per se (lines of communication, the problem of supply, energy, etc).


But they block radio waves, radar, and long-range wireless effects, no? And they're apparently pretty rough on unprotected equipment.


That is only one aspect of logistics and more of an issue of weapons tech. The idea about, for example, sustaining Zeon operations overall on Earth is not really given attention beyond the initial focus on protracted warfare.


Zeon Forces occupying earth could live off the land, It's likely much easier to send an occupying force into Earth than it is to send one out into space. I never thought Zeon would have anymore supply problems than a traditional Earth based army in occupation. Likely the Zeon would have more supplies to work with down on the surface than they would up in space.

One thing that's funny about giant robots in space though is... it's space, a weightless environment, and yet 70% of the robot is made up of legs arms and torsos, that seem to be designed to support a robot's weight on land. It would seem that space capital ships, fighters, missiles and UAVs should have the upper hand over giant robots... but I will say the giant robots are much more awesome.

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