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August 02, 2010


Account Deleted

So the next question would be, given a choice, what sort of super-empowered person would you be?

I suppose the question could be broken down between

1.) That which you would prefer, or which most appeals to you aesthetically, personally, philosophically, etc.

2.) That which you think would be the most effective, all things considered (including the state of affairs). Naturally this one requires an evaluation of those you've listed above, in general.

3.) That which you think would be the most effective given the sorts of things you would prefer to do with and via your superempowerment (i.e. the particular domains/fronts which most interest you.) This one allows for a little more leeway than #2, since a limited focus on domains/fronts might allow the personal choice of a more limited form of superempowerment.


Hard to say. But I think that in the more classical concept of super-empowerment you can find the people who have made the greatest long-term effect on history.

Account Deleted

I might add to the list "knowledge brokers" although perhaps what I'm thinking might be better termed "awareness brokers." Possibly, one is a sub-genre of the other.

This is the form of "superempowerment" many now choose. I put that in scare quotes because the attempts of many seeking such superempowerment are laughable, particularly in the case of bloggers and even the pseudo-journalists who have long forgotten how journalism might indeed lead to this type of superempowerment.

On the continuum of Knowledge-Brokers to Awareness-Brokers, you'll find many examples from history that would fit within your last set types. There are modern variants on that continuum, however, and not all of those have even passing resemblance to the historical models.

Arherring's recent consideration of Wikileaks -- http://arherring.wordpress.com/2010/07/31/wikileaks-and-the-super-empowered-individual/ -- also comes to mind in relation to this current strain of thought. However, so too does my comment there, since the powers to ensure obscurity might lead to a type of superempowerment that works in tandem with or perhaps even against the type of superempowerment on the Knowledge/Awareness Broker continuum.


That's a great Arherring post.

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