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January 31, 2011


Sven Ortmann

a) Twitter is useless for a content-oriented blogger for everything but providing links. This begs the question: Why provide the links to people who do not want to visit your blog?
And what about those who read twitter, yet also visit your blog; are such links really that urgent?

I think I mastered the art of compressing very much content in a small text (if I want to), but Twitter is still useless to me.

b) Danger Room is afaik the most successful MilBlog. It's oriented at (surprise!) hardware, news and procurement and ranks among the 100 top blogs overall on technorati and iirc also on some other ranking.
That's quite an achievement with such a narrow field (in comparison to huge news blogs).

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Its the danger of it. Being extra careful is always nice.

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Is this like an Anti virus or something?

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