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January 31, 2011


Joseph Fouche

All of the mustache of understanding's columns can be reduced to one line: "I have seen the future and it works".

A zombie Lincoln Steffens would actually be more useful and more interesting.


I wonder if you could hire a lolcat to write op-eds columns.


On Friedman's side, though, is that combining the arrogance of oligarchy with groveling sycophancy is a real art form.


Friedman also seems to fail to understand that being the "first mover" in technological innovation does not always mean success. The widespread effective adoption of technologies can't always come "from above."

Joseph Fouche

The NYTimes entire editorial page would be vastly improved if it was replaced by full page spreads of lolcat photos.

The quality of their national security coverage alone would rise fivefold.


I would hire Ceiling Cat, Happycat, and Monorail Cat for op-ed writers.

Joseph Fouceh

I would include the mighty Hovercat as well. Hovercat is like the equivalent of 327 David Brooks, 545 Paul Krugmans, or 103,891,178 mustache of understandings.

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It works for me as well. We have similar thoughts on this.

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