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March 01, 2011


Joseph Fouche

We wouldn't be in this situation if they hadn't canceled the Future Combat System. Unbeknownst to losers like Congressmen and Robert Gates, the FCS included the network technology that would have enabled the ultimate DMO: the Gaddaffi seeking cruise missile. A GSCM would kill only Qaddafi by narrowing in on his Zenga Zenga and smothering him with goose-down pillows. It uses the same patented target identification technology that lets people looking for couch factory outlets find the ElkusBlog.


We could always also unleash Prince by telling him that Qaddafi stole his whole swag--the man's style of dress definitely appears that way.

Joseph Fouche

Considering our shared Dorian heritage, it may be time to ship a Glylippus or two off to Cyrenaica.

I suppose the original is the god standard of DMOs.

amada queen

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